Brighouse Heritage
'...Brighouse at Work...' My latest book is now available...

   From a small hamlet and a bridge, the town of Brighouse in Calderdale grew rapidly with the building of the Calder and Hebble Navigation in the late eighteenth century, which led to the development of the town’s successful textiles industries.

Another busy month speaking far and wide...

Another busy month speaking to groups far and wide about the new book 'Brighouse at Work'. Along with some other fascinating subjects as well.

The British Legion Band - 1966

Back in the 1960s, youth culture was something new, with the new music scene. young people wanted to have their own style, and in many cases to create their own individuality. But, along side these cultural changes some things did stay the same.  In fact not all young people were prepared to have the new longer hair styles, if it meant missing out being in the newly formed British Legion youth band.

The return of a friend - Bailiff Bridge public telephone box - 1964

It would be over forty years ago when I was a police officer in Bailiff Bridge that someone asked me, ‘Where’s fountain gone lad…’. 

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