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Sunday Bandstand is in the news - in Australia!!!

Castlemaine 88FM is a small radio station based in Castlemaine which is about a 90 minute drive from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Sunday Bandstand has been played on the station for malmost 3 years. The feed back from my contacts at the station Ian and John say they receive very nice feedback about the show. I am very grateful that they gave me the opportunity to have the show on their station.

New Sunday Bandstand listeners in and around Haxby, (York) North Yorkshire

Sunday Bandstand will now be going out on its fourteenth radio station starting this afternoon at 2pm.  

Death of Darrol Barry - a composer known through the brass band world

The death has been announced of the composer Darrol Barry, who passed away on 3rd June in The Sultan Qaboos University Hospital, Muscat, Oman.

Born in Salford in 1956, Darrol Barry joined the local school brass band aged 14 on tuba — a surprise to both his parents and himself, as he wanted to play cornet.

Whilst I never actually met Darrol I am pleased to know that we exchanged and shared a few emails together. I would often play many of his compositions on my weekly Sunday Bandstand radio show. Sometimes I would be preparing a show and occasionally the title of a piece would be a little bit of a mystery. I would email him to ask for the story behind his chosen title for that particular piece. He always replied and would explain the story from the thread to the needle which would be then be part of my programme commentary about the piece. 

For a little over a year we were trying to arrange when his busy schedule would allow him to have time for me to put together his musical life for one of my brass band stories. Sadly, owing to his busy schedule and various projects of my own we never actually managed to fit the time in to do it.


Drighlington Brass Band - Needs Help

In the glorious summer of 1976 on thre outskirts of Leeds, near Morley, a new junior band was taking its first tentative steps in the world of brass bands.

The band progressed so well that in 1983 the older players of the junior band and the remaining members of the Bradford Victoria Band came together which saw the birth of the new Drighlington Brass Band. This photograph shows the band enjoying better times.....

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