Hipperholme Infants School Sports Day - June 1990

Hipperholme Infants School Sports Day - June 1990

Many school children will look back on their school sports days in later years, some with happy memories and perhaps some with disappoint. ‘It’s the taking part’, you tell that to a wildly enthusiastic eight year old at the start waiting for the ‘Go’ in the sack race. They are out to do their best of course, but always with an eye on the winners prize.

I well remember my own days at the junior school sports day and watching some of the older ones putting a bit of spit on the spoon before placing the egg on. This was just to add a bit sticky so the egg was more likely to stay in place whilst they were running. Then there was the sack race – put your toes in the corners, you never did the sack race in anything other than bare feet and just pull the bag upwards. That would stretch the stitching in the bottom just enough to give a little bit more room to manoeuvre your toes when you got the ‘Go’.

This week’s featured photograph was taken on Monday 25 June 1990 at the Hipperholme Infants school sports day with these three enthusiastic children taking part in the bean bag race - happy days from 28 years ago. I wonder if these now early thirty year olds still live in the area and can remember those far off days at the infant school?

If you are one of these three let us know where you are now... 



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