The year 2000 was not a good year for town centre shops.

These days when any of our town centre shops close, unlike many other West Yorkshire towns where the empty shops remain unoccupied for months or even years, new businesses soon move in. Can you remember these shops? These businesses either closed through difficult trading conditions or the owners retired.

I remember visiting all these shops over the years, just as I am sure many of you will remember doing.

Swankies Cafe Bethel Street closed September 2000

Swankies Cafe Bethel Street. This closed down in September 2000 

Rotate Record and Disc shop 3 Market Street closed April 2000

Rotate the record and disc shop at 3, Market Street. This closed in April 2000

Timpsons Shoe Shop Commercial Street closd late May 2000

Timpson, shoe shop Commercial Street. This closed in late May 2000

Kyle Wallpaper Paint and Lighting Commercial Street closed June 2000

Kyle the wallpaper, paint and lighting shop on Commercial Street. This closed in June 2000


Chris Helme

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