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Turning the clock back 100 years - Whitehall, Hipperholme

At the start of a new year if only we had a crystal ball to see what was going to happen to us over the next twelve months. I am sure many readers will have had that thought go through their minds, just as I have. But, if that was possible would you want to know? I for one would prefer to take one day at a time and what will be in the future will be

But looking back, that is something different of course we all like to do that. So, at the beginning of April 2020 let us turn the clock back to the early weeks 105 years ago.

Bridge End Chapel Choir December 1949

Once the Second World War had come to an end the big task of rebuilding shattered lives and trying to move on had started. Over the six-year war, many things had to be put on hold. One of those had been the church buildings at Bridge End Chapel. They had been used during the war years and had been left in a battered state and the compensation offered was far from adequate.

A Big Day Out at Hipperholme in 1911

This photograph illustrates what has probably been the largest ever gathering of people in the centre of Hipperholme. To know what the occasion was you have to look at clues within the photograph. It is a celebration, judging from the bunting and flags and a special occasion because everyone appears to be in their ‘Sunday Best’.

Where were you on Monday, July 1st, 1968?

Monday, July 1, 1968, I know where I was, can you remember that day 45 years ago?

I recollect that I was standing in Wade Street Halifax, working for Calder Valley Transport who had its depot opposite the Brewers Cellar pub and watching hundreds of gallons of water running down the street. Our highlight ed photograph is the top of Wade Street with the Brewers Cellar half way down on the right hand side. This was taken just days before the flood waters arrived. 

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