Sunday Bandstand is in the news - in Australia!!!

Sunday Bandstand is in the news - in Australia!!!

Castlemaine 88FM is a small radio station based in Castlemaine which is about a 90 minute drive from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Sunday Bandstand has been played on the station for malmost 3 years. The feed back from my contacts at the station Ian and John say they receive very nice feedback about the show. I am very grateful that they gave me the opportunity to have the show on their station.

In June this year the station was approached by the Castlemaine Mail, the local newspaper. The newspaper wanted to do a feature about one of the presenters from the radio station's schedule. 

I was asked if I would be interested sand of course I was all for it. If it is a chance to promote the show and the radio station I am in. I was sent a questionnaire, duly completed it and sent it in. A few weeks the station manager sent me the newspaper, the cutting is now on the website.

 The show is hitting the airwaves in some unlikely places now but if it spreads the word that's great.




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