Chris Helme - Pre-owned Local History Books

This is hard backed pre-owned book with 48 pages with a few illustrations. The book was writtern by Harry Hughes.  For those not familiar with this church is was eventually demolished and used as the Co-op car park but is now used at the M&Co carpark on Lawson Road. This is another fascinating piece of local history with an insight into the local methodist.


This is a local programme for a tea and reunion on Saturday, September 12, followed by a centenary service at the church on Sunday, September 13, 1959. This publication has 20 pages and they are full of local names and advertisements.  It also has a potted history of methodism in the Rastick area. A gem for the Rastrick local history collector. 


This is a 56 page per-owned soft-backed publication by the Brighouse Historical Society in 1992. This book takes you back 100 years and gives an insight to the social history of the time. There are a number of excellent photographs reproduced in the book.


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