Successful Zoom Meeting - With some viewers from the US and Australia

Successful Zoom Meeting - With some viewers from the US and Australia

Having initially been asked to deliver a presentation to the members of the Calderdale Family History Society, as the months went by like all my other booked presentations it too had to be cancelled.

But, could it be done through what is new to many people as a new zoom presentations?:

We were both keen to give it a try.  My presentation 'All in a Day's Work' which is based on the lighter side of my 30 years in the police service does not usually have any images.  Having tried a zoom presentation without slides I knew it would not be as interesting without them.  I created a new PowerPoint slide presentation, with music to make it even more interesting. With the help of the society and a couple of dry-runs,worked out potential problems the date was set 7.30pm, Thursday July 23,           

On the night 39 members of the society tuned in, this included some members from both North Carolina in the US and Brisbane in Australia. With just one very small hiccup which was resolved in less than  two-minutes the 55 minute zoom show was a success.

Some of the society members emailed to say how much they had enjoyed it. One of the members from Brisbane sent me an email:   

 'I wanted to thank you for the great presentation you did and to say how much I enjoyed it.  I loved seeing all the old photos also'.

My next zoom presentation is on August 5 for the Oddfellows Society. This presentation is 'So, you want to be a Pirate?'- the life of a pirate during the Gold Age of Piracy. This will also be about 55 miniutes with a touch of music to add to the overall effects.   


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