Sunday Bandstand 17 October 2021

Sunday Bandstand 17 October 2021

'Abide with Me' is a Christian hymn by Scottish Anglican Henry Francis Lyte. It is most often sung to the tune 'Eventide' by William Henry Monk. He was born in London on March 16, 1823. His youth is not well-documented, but it seems that he developed quickly on the keyboard, but perhaps less so in composition.

By aged 18, Monk was organist at St Peter's Church, Eaton Square, London. He left after two years and moved on to two more organist posts in London (St. George's Church, Albemarle Street, and St. Paul's Church, Portman Square). He spent two years in each, with each serving as a steppingstone toward fostering his musical ambitions.

In 1847, Monk became choirmaster at King's College London. There he developed an interest in incorporating plainchant (unaccompanied church music sung in unison) into Anglican services, an idea suggested by William Dyce, a King's College professor with whom Monk had much contact. In 1849, Monk also became organist at King's College.

In 1852, he became organist and choirmaster at St Matthias' Church, Stoke Newington, where he made many changes: plainchant was used in singing psalms, and the music performed was more appropriate to the church calendar. By now, Monk was also arranging hymns, as well as writing his own hymn melodies. In 1857, his talents as composer, arranger, and editor were recognised when he was appointed the musical editor of Hymns Ancient and Modern, a volume first published in 1861, containing 273 hymns. After supplements were added (second edition—1875; later additions or supplements—1889, 1904, and 1916) it became one of the best-selling hymn books ever produced. It was for this publication that Monk supplied his famous "Eventide" tune which is mostly used for the hymn "Abide with Me", as well as several others, including "Gethsemane", "Ascension", and "St. Denys".

In 1874, Monk was appointed professor of vocal studies at King's College; subsequently he accepted similar posts at two other prestigious London music schools: the first at the National Training School for Music in 1876, and the second at Bedford College in 1878. Monk remained active in composition in his later years, writing not only hymn tunes but also anthems and other works. In 1882 Durham University awarded him an honorary Mus. Doc.

He died on March 1, 1889 and was buried on the eastern side of Highgate Cemetery, London.

We are featuring 'Abide with Me' on this show. 


Playlist 17 October 2021

Recording Details 

Rhythm and Blues – Philip Sparke   Opening for weekly show Foden's Band MD: Michael Fowles - 2010  'Patrons' Choice III' - CD - Egon CD-SFZ154 - 2010
March of the Centaurs - Ray Farr Ever Ready (GB) Band MD: Ray Farr - 1979  'Patrick Moore played by the Ever Ready (GB) Band' - Vinyl - Top Brass Series Pye Records – TB 3017 - 1979
Festivity - Leslie Condon  International Staff Band of the Salvation Army BM: Lieut-Col Ray Bowes - Live at the RAH, London - June 5, 1982  'Festivity' - Vinyl - SP&S Recording 022 - 1982
Rhapsody for Trombone - Gordon Langford  Trombone Soloist Don Lusher with the Black Dyke Band MD: Roy Newsome - 1976  'Black Dyke Plays Langford' - Vinyl - RCA LSA 3270 - 1976
Waltzes for Love - One Night of Love, Falling in Love Again, One Day when we were Young, When I Grow to Old to Dream - arr. Donald Morrison    The John Laing Hendon Band MD: Donald Morrison - 1986  'Bricks and Brass' - Vinyl - Polyphonic Recording PRL030D - 1986
Leviathan Concert March - Gordon Langford  Sun Life Stanshawe Band MD: Brian Howard - 1981  'Conductors Showcase' - Vinyl - Say Disc Recording SDL328 - 1981
Time Piece - Ron Gardner  Royal Doulton Band MD: Ted Gray - 1984  'Images in Brass' - Vinyl - Bandleader Recording BNB 2007 Digital - 1984
Quo Vadis - Drake Rimmer  Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Band  MD: Robert Oughton - 1974  'The Sound of Brass and Voices' - Vinyl - Polydor 2460237 A - 1974
Deliverance - Philip Catelinet  Cornet Duet Keith Hutchinson and Richard Martin with the Enfield Citadel Band of Salvation Army BM: James Williams - 1977  'Banners and Bonnets' - Vinyl - SP&S Recording BAB3501 - 1977
Summit March - Frank Seymour arr: Edrich Siebert  Harry Mortimer and his All Stars Band MD: Harry Mortimer  - 1963  'Fantasy in Brass' - EMI Starline  SRS 5077 - 1963
Music for Battle Creek - 1) Prelude and Toccata 2) Elegy 3) Rondo Finale - Philip Sparke  Black Dyke Band MD: Dr. Nicholas Childs - 2007  'Music for Battle Creek - The Music of Philip Sparke' - CD - Angelo Recording 022-3 - 2007
James Bond Collection - arr. Goff Richards  Brass Band De Bazuin Oenkerk (The Netherlands) MD: Klaas van der Woude - 1997  'Toccata- - CD - De Haske Brass - DHE 197.009 - 1997
The World is Not Enough - The James Bond movie title track 1999  - David Arnold arr. Klaus van der Woude Oberaarguaer Band (Switzerland) MD: Manfred Obrecht - 2000  'Oberaagauer Brass Band and Friends' - CD - Obrasso Records - CD872 - 2000
Live And Let Die - Paul McCartney arr. Ray Farr Soprano Soloist Stephen Molloy with the Fountain City Brass Band (USA) MD: Dr. Joseph Parisi - 2010  'Celebration' - CD - SP&S DOYCD282 - 2010
A  Happy Day - Erik Leidzen  Cornet Soloist Graham Wilson with the London Citadel Band of the Salvation Army BM: Bram Gregson - 2021  'Bram Gregson and Frinds' - DCD - Doyen Recording DOY403 - 2021
Man with a Harmonica - Ennio Morricone arr. Corsin Tuor - Harmonica Soloist Helmuth Rüetschi with the Brass Band Mg Rickenbach (Switzerland) MD: Corsin  Tuor - 2008  'Brass and Voices' - CD - 
Abide With Me - William Henry Monk Brass Band Froschl Hall (Austria) MD: Hannes Buchegger - 2006  'Brass Band Froschl Hall In Concert' - CD - 2006
Intrada: 'Ein Feste Burg' - Martin Luther arr: Ray Farr  Eikanger Bjorsvik Band (Norway) MD: Ray Farr - 1995  'Listen to the Band' - CD - BBC Recordings - 1997
Symphonic Dance No. 3 Finale - Rachmaninov arr. Klaas van der Woude  Williams Fairey Band  MD: James Gourlay - 1997  'Williams Fairey Band Diamond Jubilee [Disc 2] - DOY052 - 1997
Invercargill March - Alexander Lithgow Wellington Municipal Fire Brigade Band (New Zealand) MD: Norman Goffin - 1968  'March Of The Anzacs' - LP Vinyl - HMV CSDM6267 - 1968
Rhythm and Blues – Philip Sparke   Closing for weekly show Foden's Band MD: Michael Fowles - 2010  'Patrons' Choice III' - CD - Egon CD-SFZ154 - 2010

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