Chris Helme - Bandstand Memories
The Passing of James Scott, a true Gentleman.

Today, I received a telephone call that James Scott had sadly passed away, aged 95. It would be difficult to say in a few words about his brass band career.  In 2003 I spent some time talking to James about his life time in the world of brass bands. 

Here is the story I wrote, I appreciate that the end of the story would now have to be updated but I wanted to share it with you as I wrote it. Our overseas listeners may not be familiar with him but this story will illustrate what he meant to and what he has done for the brass banding world particularly here in the UK.


Chris Helme has been involved with the brass-band world for more than fifty years, and this collection draws upon that experience to present a fascinating insight into some of the foremost figures in both their own banding area and the national scene. 

What Brass Bands Did For Me is filled with archive photographs, and with contributions from the bandsmen and women themselves, as well as their families, friends and banding colleagues, this book celebrates the triumph and sadness, local life and band life, community success and even national recognition..... £10 + £3 p/p  - Published 2009. PLEASE NOTE OVERSEAS POSTAGE WILL VARY PLEASE ASK BEFORE PURCHASE. 

'From Umchucks to Cadenzas' - The Highs and Blows of HIGGY.... The Musical Life of Gordon Higginbottom

'From Umchucks to Cadenzas' ... is a strange title for a book, a fact even Gordon Higginbottom the author who is one of the brass band movements true characters agrees, but as you read through his story in this fascinating book all will be revealed. He is someone who it is fair to say as a tenor horn soloist has acheived legendary status throughout the brass band world. Returning to this strange title Gordon explains to the uninitiated or the 'new' generation of players just what 'umchucks' are.... THE BOOK HAS NOW SOLD OUT

Sunday Bandstand Search Facility

My Sunday Bandstand radio show was started in December 2007. Initially this was a one hour show but was soon extended to the present two hour show. 

Since the summer of 2014 all the shows and the playlists have been available on this website. Over the last two years listeners have been asking if a search facility was possible. If a particular piece of music, band or a soloist had been featured on the show would it be possible to have the means on the website to be able to search for it.

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