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Woodhouse Primary School, Daisy Road - Just some of the audience at the School Concert 1967

Woodhouse Primary School concert in 1967. Were any of your family members in the audience to watch you take part in this big school event of the year? 

Brighouse Country Dance Club  with Guests from the Brighouse UNA  Branch - 1957

Here we have a multi-cultural photo from 1957 - Members of the West Indian community, who played calypso music, Urkranians, who presented folk dances and songs and members of the Brighouse Country Dancing Club, who contributed greatly to the success of an 'International' social organised by the club and the Brighouse United Nations Association (UNA) branch. On the extreme right and left are the Mayor and Mayoress, Alderman Harry Edwards JP and his wife Eliza.

Were you a member of this local branch - if you were can you offer any more information about it?   

Cycling Proficiency Training at Blackburn Road 1976 - 77

Cycling proficiency training at the old tennis courts on Blackburn Road was the place that many school children went and subsequently had their proficiency test there. I certainly remember going in the very late 1950s - early 1960s and I still have the certificate to prove it. Unlike the children of today we did not have to take a written test. If you did not pass that test it meant that you would not be able to take the practicle test.  Let us hope that some consideration and help is given to those children who may have a reading problem. As we did went in later years when I was involved in the cycle training and then the testing of eight and nione year old.  

Perhaps you are one of the children on this photograph which was taken about 25 years ago. 

Briggate with the junction to the exit from the Bus Station - 1960s

This photograph was taken during the 1960s, a time when parts of the town centre was starting to be demolished as part of the redevelopment  scheme. How many readers can remember the little sweet shop on the left hand side, the one where the van is parked outside? That was where many of us would visit after attending the school swimming lesson, then make our way back to St Martin''s School.  That is now almost 60 years ago.

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