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Anyone for tennis ? - 8 September 1995

Now I wonder if any of these young tennis hopefuls are still playing?  This photograph was taken at the Rastrick Tennis Club and these players are members of the Junior 'A' Team, on September 8, 1995, so they certainly had some promise.

From the left, Adam Bowater, Henrietta Briscoe, John Turner, Abigail Mason, Catherine Mason and Mark Kirton.


Park Chapel In door Market mid 80s2

Here are a few photographs taken inside the Park Street indoor market. Sadly it did not last that long, another indoor market was tried in the old Davison's coach garage where Kwik Fit tyre and exhaust company is.but that did not last long either.

Commercial Street with the corner of Market Street - 1995

Here is the junction of Commercial Street with Market Street and I am sure like me most of our readers will remember going into Kelly's for the always reliable fresh fruit and veg. But what happened to them whendid theyy close does anyone know?

Sainsbury's car park not yet arrived - but SB 1852 is still there

This photograph was taken before the arrival of Sainsbury's new supermarket during the mid-1990. The building with the signage was Rice Jones and Smith Solicitors offices. Interestingly the passage way next to the office doorway led through to Baines Row. But before you walked into the passage way on the lintel it had the iniitals SB and the year 1852. SB was the 19th century entrepreneur Samuel Baines who was to own everything through the passage way which was known as the Victoria Mills square. Baines Row was a street with very old and poorly maintained terraced housing.The solicitors offices, Baines Row and the whole of Victoria Mills and other adjoining property was demolished and the new Sainsbury's was built on the site and opened in November 1998.   

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