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A  Life Shaped By Brighouse

Memories are slippery things, you hold some firm while others escape, re-emerge and change shape. All you can do is grab onto the ones still in the tank and be thankful for them. At the age of 84 looking back to the beginning is a formidable task but like my old filing cabinet, the papers stuck firmly at the back remain while the recent ones fall out for lack of space.

After two years my New Audio Book is finally finished...

It was six years ago when I was commissioned to write a new book based on the lighter side of my 30 years in the police. With most of that time spent working in and around Brighouse. 

Just over two-years ago I was starting to wonder if I could turn the book into an audio book. After twelve months of part-time rercording at The Studio a professsional recording studio near Barnsley it was 95% finished but then came Covid 19 and the various lockdowns. I am pleased to now announce that the audio book 'All in a Day's Work' is finally finished. Here is a taster with the Introduction and Chapter One.   Click this link: 

Death of Respected Clifton Author Margaret Sharp

Margaret Sharp, who died recently, was a local historian and author with an exceptional knowledge of the history of Clifton. She was someone I had known for many years and when ever I needed to find an answer to some detailed and often fairly obscure piece of history about Clifton village or some of its residents from the distant past she was the first person I turned to for help. Her knowledge of the village was almost encyclopedic.     

Building a New Home Together

Looking back at our household appliances things have certainly moved on a pace since we bought our first home.

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