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Aerial view of Mill Royd Mill Huddersfield Road - 1970s / early 1980s

Many things have changed in this aerial view of Mill Royd, Huddersfield Road and its surrounding buildings. With sections of the Victoria Mills complex still standing alongside the canal - the days when it was to be demolished for the new Sainsbury Supermarket is some years off yet. Crowtrees Garage is still on Huddersfield Road, a long standing business which was to close and the premises taken over by the Fireplace Studio. The Borough Band bowling green is just visible. 

No doubt you will be able to spot some more of the changes that were to comer during the next 20 years. 

Spring Clean at the Parish Church - 1973

Not a sight you will see that often - Brighouse St Martin's Parish Church having a make over. This photograph is dated May 1973, just a couple of years to go and it will be 50 years ago. (Photo courtesy of Stuart Sands).

Another Brighouse Bank set to close in July

It was announced on Sky Business news this morning that more branches of the Spanish owned Santander Bank are set to close. The reasons given by the bank are owing to the changes in customer behaviour since the start of the pandemic. The bank also said that most of those affected are less than three miles from another Santander branch. All its current and business account holders can continue to bank at 11,000 Post Office branches nationwide.

Amongst the seven in West Yorkshire to close is the Santander Bank office in Brighouse. This will close on July 21, 2021 and will inevitably leave a big gap on Commercial Street.  Following other bank closures over the last couple of years the number of banks in Brighouse are disappearing very fast.  

What ever happened to the T&G?

Here are some members of the Bailiff Bridge Townswomen's Guild at their summer meeting on July 17, 1990.  Sadly, this and like many other T&G's had to close down. As members were all getting older and not able to attend meetings on a regular basis or they may have passed away. The membership numbers were reduced to such a small group it was no longer a viable Guild anymore. This meant that as the Guild officials were also getting older as well and no one taking on what I refer to a 'top table job', it was inevitable the Guild had to close.

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